Stitchflow allows you to effortlessly manage IT operations with a single pane of glass. The NBD team helped them kickstart their online presence, by developing a strong visual identity and website.

Logo design

Stitchflow's logo is made of geometrical icon and a modern, sans serif logotype. Timeless, technical, & memorable.
The logo icon symbolises the core of Stitchflow services: connecting separate entities into one.

Key visuals

Stitch and flow. Organization and motion. We brought these values together with a dynamic, hi-tech visual system.
The key visuals are focused on showing multiple platforms being connected into one, taking inspiration from stitch patterns.
The color palette supports a clean and professional presence, while providing modern, hi-tech feeling.

Blog imagery

Editorial, collage based visuals bring a unique impact to Stitchflow's content marketing. All in the brand’s shades of blue, to keep it in the family.


Both abstract and literal. Geometrical, taking its inspiration from a logo icon. As simple as it gets to deliver the needed symbolism.